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Mr Chris Tew

Member, Second Tenor

  • Bio/Profile
  • Chris originally hails from Swansea.  He grew up singing, including in the church choir, in gang shows at the Grand Theatre and at the folk club.  However, his free time was predominantly spent playing sport, with rugby being the most important.

    After university he moved to London for work and he stayed, raising a family.  As an accountant with an engineering background he worked predominantly in roles within industry.  More recently he set up his own property business and he is now partially retired.

    In early 2022 he was lured into the choir by a friend, who had himself recently joined the choir.  It was a chance to rekindle singing, which had been neglected for decades.  It is a decision he does not regret.  Once a week, rehearsals are a chance to sing, to learn and to improve.   Additionally it is a social gathering which is often, accidentally, assisted by beer and more singing in the bar.  Everyone is welcoming.   He considers it an honour to sing in the choir’s concerts.  Obviously, singing on the pitch at the Millennium Stadium in February 2023 was a highlight.

    His wife and family are supportive and have enjoyed choir events.  He currently lives in Bromley, south London.