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John Edwards

Member, Baritone

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  • Born in llanelli, lived briefly in Ammanford, but consider Pembroke to be 'home'. Dad was the vicar of the parishes of Castlemartin, and Warren from 1965, which combined with Angle, Rhoscrowther and Pwllcrochan in 1970. I went to primary school in Stackpole and then went on to Pembroke Grammar school. Sadly South pembrokeshire is not a Welsh speaking area and whilst my mother and 3 out of 4 grandparents were all native speakers, I did not grow up to speak Welsh but did absorb some understanding -though I also managed to fail O-level Welsh 3 times!  After University in Cardiff where I read Zoology I moved to Windsor as a teacher. I then went to Carlisle to teach and indulge my love of fell walking, but found myself returning to Berkshire when I met my  wife, and the mother of my 2 children, I continued to teach, becoming a secondary school Headteacher for 5 years before taking a job in London in 2010 when I joined the choir and immediately wished I had joined years before. I went back into schoolas a Business manager in 2012 until I retired fully in 2022 I was the baritone rep for 8 years (2013-21), I briefly took on the role of treasurer for 8 months or so in 2013/14 and have been a regular concert compere since 2016. More recently I joined the new Albert Hall committee when we will hopefully resurrect the festival in 2026.  I now pursue my other hobbies of Golf (I play far too much), Skiing, travel and watching rugby as well renovating a little cottage in Pembrokeshire which we bought during the covid years, which gives me the chance to go home and see my family who nearly all still live there.